Explore your possibilities, learn, collaborate, have fun

Come visit our very wonderful maker’s space featuring everything STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) from some of our amazing Bay Area top innovators.

Be on the lookout for the Powerpuff Girls — superheroes powered by STEAM!

Design Your Future

Have you ever thought about how things are designed or made? Then join Autodesk to figure out first hand. Learn the basics of 3D design with KiraKira and hear how two female engineering students from Stanford are designing games for kids!

Denim Rosettes

Interested in fashion? The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), an internationally recognized force in the fashion, graphics, interior design and entertainment Industries, is hosting a fun and creative activity. Come visit their space and make rosette brooches out of denim to wear or add to our community art installation.

Geometry Pavilion

Interested in buildings? Tall Structures? Join our team of architects, engineers and industrial designers as we construct a pavilion from easily found objects. blink!LAB, an architecture, design and research practice based in Oakland, CA has designed a large-scale installation specifically for this event. Working with our team of professionals, girls will put together all the parts required. What is the structural strength of paper? What's needed to support a large structure? We will find out together.

Explore 3D Printing

Curious about 3D printing? Cyant, a women owned company that offers innovative "arts-meet-tech" tools and experiences, will host a demo of their platform, which turns drawings and writings into 3D models that can be 3D printed. This fun and educational activity will allow girls to bring their sketches to life and show them that 3D printing can be accessible and intuitive.

Crepe Paper & Caligraphy Magic

Are you a fan of arts and crafts? Visit the all-day workshop by Castle in the Air, shop and "studio for the imagination" in Berkeley, CA that offers supplies and instruction to help people realize their creative dreams. Learn simple techniques for making vibrant crepe paper flowers for gifts and decoration. Teachers from Castle in the Air will also be demonstrating calligraphy, the beautiful handwriting that's in the midst of a full-blown revival. Come try your hand at making something wonderful!

Gene Science

Excited about science? Genentech, a leading biotechnology company, is committed to inspiring Bay Area youth to become the next generation of scientists. Come visit their area in the maker's space to learn about genetics and conduct some exciting experiments!

TechShop inside

TechShop, an open-access, DIY workshop and fabrication studio, is bringing their 24-foot trailer outfitted with laser cutting machines, 3D printers, and an arsenal of traditional tools. Come visit and learn how to design, prototype and manufacture your dreams!

Sumobot Challenge

Ready for battle? Using TechShop equipment and staff knowledge, girls can collaborate to design, modify and program their SumoBot fighting robots, and then challenge each other in the sumo ring!

Entrepreneurship for Youth

Ever thought about creating a product and starting your own business? BizWorld, a nonpofit organization dedicated to teaching kids how to run a business, will provide an opportunity to design & manufacture your own creatively innovative products to sell to attendees. Activities are based on BizWorld.org flagship project-based entrepreneurship program where students work in company groups to start and operate their own businesses.