Move, dance, jump: flex your muscles and your mind

Join us for dance workshops, yoga classes, healthy lifestyle talks, skateboarding lessons, soccer drills, and more. We want you to take pride in kicking, skating, and throwing “like a girl”. This is a safe space for you to try something new and give it your all!

Dress-Up Dash

Think on your feet as Girl Scouts invite you to participate in their favorite camp activity. Pulling from a big of unique and fun clothes, you will be challenged to dress up according to different scenarios. For example, would you wear a wool hat to camp in the summer? Perhaps a tank top to camp in the winter? How about heels and sparkly glasses to camp? Those that complete the challenge the fastest will be put into a raffle to get a special prize!

Warriors — Strength In Numbers

Get your game face on for the Warriors' activity in our outdoor sports arena. The Bay Area's beloved basketball team invites you to try your hand at shooting mini hoops and challenge a friend to a game of cornhole. You'll also be able to test your Strength In Numbers with the NBA Math Hoops board game.

Share your Sportscaster Skills

Ever dreamt of being on TV? Join Comcast NBCUniversal to test your skills on the set of Game On show and audition as a sportscaster! Comcast Game On is an all-female weekly sports show hosted by Anna Kagarakis and reporter Kate Rooney, Kate and Anna will be on location to coach you through your audition. This show is all about celebrating female athletes and women in sports and the Comcast team can’t wait to celebrate you at this year’s festival!

Cycling for the Soul

Do you enjoy riding your bike? At SoulCycle, we believe that fitness can be joyful. We climb, we jog, we sprint, we dance, we set our intention, and we break through boundaries. The best part? We do it together, as a community. Come clip in on one of our bikes and let us show you the ropes! Take your journey. Change your body. Find your soul.

Get Your Groove On

Come and get down with Mix'd Ingrdnts, a multi-ethnic and diverse collective of female artists who work together as an all styles dance company. They will host two workshops, one focusing on creating a safe space for everyone’s dances and the other honing in on the fitness side of dance, including stretches, basic moves, and cardio.

Skateboard are for Girls, too!

Visit Skate Like a Girl's skateboarding clinic, running throughout the day. Skate Like a Girl (501c3) is a unique organization providing an innovative approach to empowerment, hosting regular skateboarding clinics, sessions and volunteer opportunities, to especially support the growth of women, girls, queer, trans, non-binary, and other non-traditional skaters. This activity is for all ages and all abilities and requires no prior experience. Please wear closed toe shoes. Gear is provided.

Mindfulness on the Mat

Come feel the yoga vibes with Girls Elevate, an organization that is committed and dedicated to building girls’ self-esteem, bridging the connection between parent and daughter, creating sisterhood between young women, and elevating the consciousness of the next generation. We believe that when a girl feels empowered in her own self, she will use that power to make a difference on the planet.

Soccer Drills & Skills

Head on over to Soccer Without Borders' station to work on your soccer skills! They will be running their drills all day for you to come and give it a shot. No prior experience necessary. Soccer Without Borders is an international non-profit using soccer as a vehicle for positive change by providing under-served youth with a toolkit to overcome obstacles to growth, inclusion, and personal success. They provide programming to youth who are traditionally excluded from sports-based and extracurricular activities.

Nothing but Net!

Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) is hosting an all-day basketball skills activity for you to show your stuff on the court. Come dribble, pass, and shoot hoops with friends. OUSD is building America's first Full-Service Community School District where all students graduate from high school as caring, competent, and critical thinkers; fully-informed, engaged and contributing citizens; and thoughtful adults prepared to succeed in college and career.

Get Fit and Fired Up

Truve Gym, Oakland-based Training Facility and Wellness Center, is giving you a chance to flex your muscles and show them what you've got. Join their daylong activity to workout with their professional personal trainers and learn fitness tips you can take home with you.

Intro to Personal Safety

This class introduces students to IMPACT Bay Area’s approach to personal safety. We believe that the best fight is no fight, and we know that most assaults can be avoided or prevented using awareness, intuition, body language and voice. In this class students learn powerful verbals skills and body language to deter attacks as well as two simple and effective physical strike techniques.