Learn new things, share your voice, make a difference

You won't believe the lineup of interactive workshops that will be offered throughout the day hosted by amazing organizations that support girls throughout the Bay Area and the world. There is something for girls of all ages to join covering topics ranging from body image, healthy relationships, and career choices to serious discussions on health and safety.

Here is what we have so far...

Confidently "Kick Like a Girl"

Ever felt like you couldn't protect yourself? This Teen Empowerment Self-Defense class, offered by Impact Bay Area, serves as an introduction to their "Kick Like a Girl" 10-hour course, designed specifically for girls ages 12-16. The class focuses on preventing stranger and peer violence. Students practice verbal boundary setting and role playing intended to help students learn to prevent attacks from ever happening because we believe that the best fight is no fight at all. Students will gain the confidence and skills needed to set healthy boundaries and feel safer in the world.

Harness a Passion, Choose a Cause, and Find a Way to GIVE BACK!

Ever wonder how one girl can make a difference in the world? Ever see a problem and wish you could do something about it? Spend some time with 12-year-old Hollis Belger of JUGGLING FOR JUDE, a soccer juggling fundraiser for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, where kids with cancer are treated free of charge, and doctors are on the leading edge of research to find a cure. Learn how Hollis cultivated her drive to improve her soccer skills into a fundraiser that has raised almost $110,000 to date. Find out how you can start small with a passion of your own and make something meaningful happen for others! Added bonus: if you're a soccer player looking to develop your juggling skills, Hollis will do a juggling demo and offer some quick tips!

Edible Hair Products with AVOCURL

Did you know, you can feed your hair with some of the same ingredients that you feed your body? What started off as a dorm room experiment turned into a journey of self-love for AVOCURL Founder, Jasmine Curtis, who created a line of handmade natural hair products infused with avocados. Visit our expo space to learn how to make your own hair products using edible ingredients like avocado and take home your own custom recipe!

Building the leaders of tomorrow

Vital Voices, a preeminent global organization that identifies, trains and empowers women leaders around the world, will host an exciting panel featuring three women leaders from their network, hailing from India, Nigeria and Ghana. Each of these women work to empower and give voice to young women in their communities through education, skills development, advocacy and mentorship. In this panel they will discuss their own leadership paths and their advice of how to inspire and engage the next generation of young women around the world.

Imagine if...

What do you imagine for women and girls around the globe? Stop by our interview room hosted by Bayview-Hunters Point Center for Arts and Technology (BAYCAT) and tell the world your hope for women and girls everywhere! BAYCAT is a nonprofit media production studio that educates, empowers, and employs low income youth, young people of color and young women in the Bay Area to produce socially-minded digital stories that positively transform our communities.

Girl Who's Lookin'

Unsure of how to embrace your body? In this workshop by Queenhype, girls will explore positive body image through an introduction of yoga and mindfulness to first tap into the bodies language and gain a deep understanding of what it means to reach physical goals and how that elevates confidence. Girls will then explore the unique characteristics that are true to each individual and the ever flowing beauty that lies within diversity. Girls will walk away understanding that they do not need to fit into society's mold of billboard beauty but reconstruct the definition of beauty as it relates to them personally.

Leading Deeper than Skin Deep

Are people looking to you to lead? You might be surprised. At school, in the news, at the tech companies, online — everybody's talking about diversity and race. And that's because young people are leading the conversation and the fight for change. If you've got a strong voice and a passion for racial justice, we want to hear from you! If you're not sure how to help or what to say, stop by this workshop with YWCA. You'll hear stories of youth in action for racial justice and get the tools you need to make a difference for your family, friends, and community.

Nutrition facts vs. diet fads

Do you look to the media and magazine covers for nutrition knowledge? Samantha Finkelstein, Registered Dietitian, and founder of Nerdy Girl Nutrition will help to distinguish the facts from the 'fads' in this workshop. She will educate girls on how to listen to and love their bodies, avoid dangerous fad diet trends, and eat in a balanced way, remembering that all food is good food. In this age of media overload and social media 'selfies', clarity around health and nutrition can make a major difference in the lives of growing girls.

Protect yourself and your community

Do you know that, even in these modern times, teens in the USA are targeted by unscrupulous people and lured into a life of slavery? In today's world it's called human trafficking. Shared Hope International's workshop teaches how teens are targeted, chosen, stalked, recruited and groomed by sex traffickers, the most lucrative form of modern-day slavery. By learning the smooth but treacherous techniques of 'spotters' and 'traffickers', we can help prevent this atrocious crime. "I think that's what's happening to me," say teens who have attended our workshops. You will leave feeling empowered and able to save friends and family.

Find your dream career

Wondering what your perfect career might be? Career Girls is hosting a day long speed mentoring session with amazing women who have been successful in their chosen fields. Over 40 highly-accomplished women across four industry categories (medical & public service; business & entrepreneurship; STEM; arts, entertainment & sports) will describe their jobs and share their path to get there.

Share your voice

Looking to improve your school experience? Alliance for Girls, the largest regional alliance of girls' organizations in the country, seeks to give a voice to female students at the festival. They will host a panel discussion for girls to speak openly about the issues they face in school and explore potential solutions. They will also host focus groups in their Expo area where girls can contribute their experiences and recommendations to an important study and report being developed by the Alliance on gender issues in education.

Be your own natural beauty

Want to explore your natural beauty? Gaia Girls Passages, which provides circles of support, camps and rite-of passage ceremonies for Bay Area girls 8-18, is offering an interactive workshop on natural beauty. Together you'll explore how to be your own version of beautiful, which includes tending not only to your outer appearance but your physical and emotional health internally.

Get started with Java using Alice

Do you like to create stories or games? This hands on workshop, hosted by Oracle Academy, a global organization dedicated to advancing computer science education, innovation and diversity in the technology field, has designed an hour and a half long training program for students with little or no programming experience which teaches basic Java programming concepts through developing 3-D Animations in Alice 3.1. Alice is a free, educational, introductory coding language tool. Alice is appropriate for first time programmers yet has advanced features that makes it a fun learning environment for more experienced coders. Students will have fun creating animated stories and games using objects and characters from a rich gallery of 3-D models. Three workshops will be offered throughout the day.

Make a difference in the world

Do you want to help girls like you around the world? This hands on workshop is hosted by THREE powerful global organizations, Rise Up, Students Stand with Malala, and Global Girl Media, all dedicated to advancing education, health, and rights for girls around the world. Participants will learn tangible ways to support girls in need around the world and will develop an "ask" for policymakers. Clips from the world acclaimed film, "He Named Me Malala" will be integrated as advocacy examples throughout the workshop, and attendees will learn to record a video "ask" on their cell phones. As this is a not-to-miss event, it will repeat multiple times throughout the day.

Be a Friend First

Want to have better friendships? The Girl Scouts of Northern California, home to 50,000 girls and 31,000 adults across 19 counties, will host a workshop on navigating relationships to help girls in 4th-8th grade understand relational aggression and how to relate with others in a healthy way.

Map your future

Unsure about your future? Girls Leading Girls, a Bay Area based nonprofit that trains young women in leadership and life skills though soccer, will offer a hands-on workshop to create road maps that help girls set goals for themselves both in school and in life.

Learn the coding basics

Do you enjoy working with computers? Girls Who Code, a national nonprofit dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology, are eager to fuel your curiosity and spark your interest in coding. Come to their expo area and meet women in the coding field and try your hand at learning the basics.

Create positive relationships

Are you in an unhealthy relationship? Come join this workshop hosted by La Casa de las Madres, which offers shelter, advocacy and support services to women, teens, and children exposed to and at risk of abuse and domestic violence. Girls will learn to recognize potentially abusive relationships, better understand what creates a healthy relationship, and gain an understanding of how the cycle of violence may apply to their lives.

Shake up the world

Interested in making a difference in your community? Girls For a Change, a national organization that empowers girls to create social change, will discuss what it means to create a positive impact on your community and the world, introduce current and past female social change leaders, and show girls how they can become social change agents in their communities.

Find your "Circle of comfort"

Do you shy away from challenges or stare them in the face? GirlVentures, a Bay Area based nonprofit that works to empower adolescent girls to develop and express their strengths, will host an interactive workshop where girls can explore and learn to understand their comfort zone, learning zone, and panic zone. Join to find out how to Live Healthy, Relate Wisely, and Lead Confidently.

Become The Miss CEO of Your Life!

The world needs great leaders to tackle its biggest problems... and that starts with YOU! Come learn about relevant leadership skills that will help you excel in a variety of academic, personal, and professional situations. More importantly you will also learn how to put these skills into practice starting today — including securing dream mentors, finding professional opportunities, and getting on the right trajectory for college and career achievement early on. This workshop is hosted by Miss CEO, a company dedicated to providing young women with leadership training, mentorship and career exploration opportunities.

What do I say now?!

Ever felt unsure of how to communicate your needs and preferences? Center for Domestic Peace, which leads a comprehensive community effort to end domestic violence in Marin County, will be hosting an important and educational workshop to help girls feel more comfortable about expressing themselves in intimate situations. Participants will discuss making choices based on ethics and values, trusting one's instincts, and asserting one's preferences and needs. Girls will learn how to navigate the path of sex and intimacy and make self-honoring decisions!

Stop human trafficking

Want to help stop human trafficking? Love Never Fails, dedicated to the restoration, education and protection of those involved or at risk of becoming involved in domestic sex trafficking, is offering a youth and community awareness workshop on human trafficking prevention. Their mission is to educate, restore, and prevent the trafficking of humans and those who are most vulnerable, and support from the community is vital in this effort.